Гдз по Английскому языку Intermediate Workbook

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Гдз по Английскому языку Intermediate Workbook

После ознакомления с содержанием учебника Вам следует незамедлительно его удалить и приобрести печатное издание. Сохраняя учебник, вы несете ответственность в соответствии с законодательством. Любое коммерческое и иное использование, кроме предварительного ознакомления, запрещено. Все авторские права принадлежат их владельцам.

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В наличие документ с книжкой и workbook, можно напечатать и сэкономить на покупке учебников. Также есть ответы на workbook, student`s book, tests (ответы на контрольные работы), аудио диски.

It’s OK, Dad, I’ve got it all planned. I’m revising every night this week. Then I’m taking Friday evening off. Then Jenny and I are getting together to look at some past exam papers on Saturday. Then it’s last minute revision on Sunday.

She felt excited. They were all talking about her – and in a kindly way. She was ashamed for the first scared feeling that had come to her. Of a sudden she loved all of the family and a tightness came in her throat.

Mick’s tongue was dry. She moved it around in her mouth to gather up spit enough to talk. ‘Ten dollars a week would buy about fifteen fried chickens. Or five pairs of shoes or five dresses. Or installments on a radio.’ She thought about a piano, but she did not mention that aloud.

New English File Pre — Intermediate Workbook Key

Their Dad picked his teeth with a matchstick and took his feet down from the banisters. ‘Now, let’s not rush into anything. I rather Mick take her time and think this out. We can get along somehow without her working.

It was as though a great worry and tightness left the family. In the dark they began to laugh and talk. Their Dad did a little trick for George with a matchstick and a handkerchief.

Ответы SOLUTIONS на все издания.

Solutions 2nd Edition Intermediate Workbook Answer Keys All FLAT. UNIT 1 1A Exercise 1 page 4 Materials: cotton, nylon, velvet Patterns: checked, flowery, spotty, stripy Shape: full-length, loose, short, tight Texture: fluffy, lacy, smooth Other: long-sleeved, matching Exercise 2 page 4 1 cool + 2 awful 3 trendy + 4 elegant + 5 great + 6 beautiful + 7 old-fashioned 8 smart + Exercise 3 page 4 2 3 Its a trendy, baggy top. 4 Theyre spotty, wool socks. 5 Theyre stylish, stripy trousers. 6 Theyre scruffy, brown high-heeled boots. 7 Its a cute, furry jacket. Exercise 4 page 4 Dialogue 2 (some) trousers; yes, theyre (really) trendy Dialogue 3 a pair of shoes / some shoes; yes, theyre (really) cute Dialogue 4 a top; no, its (a bit) old-fashioned Exercise 5 page 4 good-looking, high-heeled, long-legged, old-fashioned, tight-fitting Exercise 6 page 4 1 high-heeled 2 tight-fitting 3 long-legged 4 old-fashioned 5 good-looking 1B Exercise 1 page 5 1 a wear b m / am wearing 2 a is, leaving b does, leave 3 a take b are, taking 4 a doesnt see b isnt seeing 5 a s / is starting b starts 6 a does, work b Is, working Exercise 2 page 5 1 a 2 c 3 a 4 c 5 b 6 b 7 a 8 a 9 b Exercise 3 page 5 1 Im tired. I want to go home now. 2 3 We dont believe in ghosts. 4 5 6 Your car is very old. You need a new one.

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